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The iHome's Features

The iHome is the iGlobeCity's first service to give you a platform for serving yourself. With iHome you can make Internet experience pleasure and easy by:

  • Creating your own personalized home page to contain only the links and resources you like;

  • Sharing resources and favorite links with your relatives, friends, colleagues...

  • Accessing home computer worldwide whenever it is online with static or dynamic IP address;

  • Creating your own virtual private network with relatives, friends, colleagues or anybody else;

Your resources and favorite links can be retrieved / accessed by either using iHome's Web interface or typing its iHome's URL in browser, even automatic accessed through an application directly.

The iHome provides an integrated web interface to make you manage the data and control the access worldwide convenient.

All personal data saved on iHome's server is encrypted to protect your privacy.

The iHome is free and easy to use, it's designed for your daily Internet use, SIGN UP NOW. While iHome Pro with $15/year will give Internet surfer more fun.

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