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Personalized Home Page

The resources and favorite links you saved in the iHome can be retrieved / accessed through a special Web page with two sections:

  • Resources: for the resources resided on home computer;

  • Favorites: for the Internet links around the world.

Its URL is "http://www.igcity.net/ihome?YOUR_USER_ID", where YOUR_USER_ID is your iHome's User ID.

Here is a screenshot. The Internet links are grouped into categories to make them be well organized and easy to retrieve.

It's perfect and convenient to make this page as your Home Page, so you can retrieve, no need to memorize, your favorite links, as well as the resources on home computer, anytime at anywhere.

You remember "http://www.igcity.net/ihome?YOUR_USER_ID" only, and iHome keeps all your resources and favorite links. One address for all your Internet surf!

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