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What is the Member's Home Page?

The iHome users have their own Member Home Page which contains two sections:

  • Resources: It contains the links point to the resources on user's home computer plus one built-in link retrieve WAN IP address of user's home computer.

  • Favorites: It contains of the links are user's favorite links on the Internet.

These links consist of Label, Description, and its iHome's URL. The Label and Description can be written in any language supported by the Web browser.

These links, except built-in resources, on a User Home Page ware entered by, and under full control of, a user who owns this Member Home Page through the Member's Settings center.

To retrieve a Member Home Page, you can either use the URL:

  • http://www.igcity.net/ihome?USER_ID in a browser to get it;

  • http://www.igcity.net/ihome in a browser to get iHome's default page, then enter USER_ID in the form read as "To show a Member's Home Page" to get that Member Home Page.

Where the USER_ID is a UserID of a member who owns that Member Home Page.

On this Member Home Page, you can

  • Click on a link My WAN address in section Resources to show the WAN address of owner's home computer.

  • Click on a link in section Resources to bring up a resource available on the owner's home computer.

  • Click on a link in section Favorites to take you to a Web side or somewhere else on the Internet.

As the name shown, the Member Home Page is really the iHome member's personalized home page.