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What is the Member's Settings Center?

The iHome Member's Settings center is a place for the iHome members to manage their own data:

  • Account Information:
    1. Changing the Password
    2. Changing the AccessID
    3. Updating the Email Address
    4. Updating WAN address manually
    5. Subscribing to or renewing iHome Pro

  • Friends:
    1. Managing the VIP Members
    2. Managing the Friends

  • Resources:
    1. Modifying a Built-in Resource
    2. Adding a Resource
    3. Modifying a Resource
    4. Deleting a Resource

  • Favorites:
    1. Adding a Internet Link
    2. Modifying a Internet Link
    3. Deleting a Internet Link

  • Categories:
    1. Modifying a Built-in Category
    2. Adding a Category
    3. Modifying a Category
    4. Deleting a Category

To access the Settings center, you need to logon by enter UserID and Password in the logon form on either Member Home Page or iHome's default page.