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How to get an Access ID?

The AccessID is required to access an iHome member's private link which is not set to accessible for public.

The iHome members use the AccessID to get control on how their links are accessed. Only the iHome members have the right to assign the AccessID.

If you are an iHome's member, your AccessID is selected by yourself during the Sign Up process. And you can change it anytime in your Settings Panel.

Others should contact an iHome's member, the owner of the link you want to access, to get an AccessID. If you forget your AccessID, you should contact the iHome's member who assigned that AccessID to you.

NOTE: An AccessID given by one iHome member may not be used to access another iHome member's link, because the iHome members have their own AccessIDs for their own community.

As the iHome's member, you can retrieve the AccessID assigned to your community member, such as a Family Member or a Friend, in member's Settings Center.