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Which language is supported by iHome?

The iHome supports all languages supported by the major Web browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Netscape, ...) with some restrictions. Here are some guidelines:

  • All IDs must be English characters A to Z and digits 0 to 9. These IDs include User ID, Access ID, Resource ID, Link ID, and Category ID.

  • The characters used in the URL must follow the Web address requirements.

  • All messages generated by iHome are in English only now, The iHome will roll out other languages interface to meet your needs soon.

  • Other data can be entered in any language as you want, and can be shown in Member's Home Page in the language same as it is entered.

NOTE: If one language has more than one character encodings, and your data was entered with mixed these character encodings, it may cause problem during it shown in the Member's Home Page.

An example is Chinese, there are two encodings exist, Simplified and Traditional, if you enter data with both Simplified and Traditional encoding mixed, there will be trouble to display either data in Simplified encoding or in Traditional encoding in the Member's Home Page,