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What is a User ID?

The User ID is your unique identity recognized by the iHome. It is used to retrieve your Member's Home Page or any My Resource / Internet Link.

The requirements for the Use ID are listed here:

  1. User ID must be 4 - 10 characters long;

  2. It is case insensitive, i.e. a is equal to A;

  3. User ID must contain only:

    • The English letters a - z and A - Z;

    • The digits 0 - 9;

    All other characters will be rejected by the Sign Up process.

  4. The first character must be an English letter a - z and A - Z, and case insensitive;

  5. No space is allowed in the begin, mid, or end of the User ID,

Here are some examples:

  1. John01 is same as john01 because the User ID is case insensitive.

  2. 2John is not a valid User ID.

The sign up process checks for uniqueness of your User ID among all iHome members.