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What is an Access ID?

Access ID is an ID used to access your resources and links either through your Member's Home Page or a URL from the Web browser or application.

The requirements for the Access ID are listed here:

  1. Access ID must be 2 - 10 characters long;

  2. It is case insensitive, i.e. a is equal to A;

  3. Access ID must contain only:

    • The English letters a - z and A - Z;

    • The digits 0 - 9;

    All other characters will be rejected by the iHome service.

  4. No space is allowed in the begin, mid, or end of the Access ID,

Here are some examples:

  1. John01 is same as john01 because the Access ID is case insensitive.

  2. 2John is a valid Access ID.

The Access ID must be unique in your own community including both Family Members and Friends.

When you sign up to iHome, your Access ID is the first ID used for your community, therefore you can choose any Access ID as you want.