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What is the Built-in Resources?

The Built-in Resources are the resources automatically created by the iHome for all iHome members.

At this time, there are three built-in resources with Resource ID as:

  • ip: used to show your WAN IP address worldwide;

  • www: it points to the root of website on your home computer by default. To use it you need to install a Web server on your home computer;

  • ef: it lets you to access and manage files on your home computer remotely. To use it you need to install Ez4file on your home computer;

The built-in resources are not counted into the total of resources toward to your resources limit.

The built-in resources are accessed in the way same as the resources created by yourself, either being accessed on your Member Home Page or through their URL from a Web browser or an application.

Also you can set the built-in resources to be accessed either privately or publicly, even no access allowed at all.

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