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How to select a choice in field Protocol?

Here are the suggestions for selecting a choice in field Protocol:

  • HTTP

    You may need to enter a port number in the field Port if your Web server does not listen to the default HTTP Port 80.

    You may enter the Path, Query, and Fragment of the URL in the field Other URL Info if they are part of the URL. Here is an example:



    • the blue section is the Path,
    • the green section is the Query,
    • the red section is called Fragment.

  • FTP

    You should select Other (see section Other below) instead of FTP for FTP type of resource if its URL has a Login section, such as


    Where the blue section is login section consisting of the user name and password.

  • Mail To: You need to enter the email address, for example: john@example.com, in the field Other URL Info

  • Call To with IP address: If your IP phone uses IP address directly. You do not need to enter anything in field Other URL Info.

  • Call To for Skype: You need to enter your Skype Phone address in field Other URL Info.

  • Other: You need to enter the full URL in field Other URL Info, otherwise the resource will act same as the built-in resource ip to return your WAN IP address.

    This selection together with field Other URL Info can be used to create a resource using the protocol not listed in the Protocol field.

    Using this selection together with field Other URL Info may give advanced Internet user the full control of the resource's URL.

This is a required field, and it is default to HTTP - Web Access.

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