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How to create a new favorite?

The easiest way is click the iHome Favorite toolbar button on the page you like, see How to create a new favorite using iHome's toolbar button? for detailed instruction.

To create a new favorite in the Settings Center, you need to login to Settings Center, click on Favorites to bring up the New Favorite form.

After fill out the form and click on Save button, a new window, consisting of the favorite Preview and Details sections, will show new created favorite.

If there is any error when you save the new favorite, the field name, at which there is incorrect data, will change to red. You have to correct the error, otherwise the favorite cannot be created.

This form has four text fields and two dropdown lists:

  • Favorite ID: You must give a Favorite ID to the new Favorite. This is a required field.

  • URL: The full URL of the favorite. This is Optional field.

  • Label: You must give a Label to the new favorite. This is a required field.

  • Description: Brief explanation about the favorite to make it easy to understand. This is Optional field.

  • Accessible for: It is used for specifying who can access this favorite, iHome default it to Owner. This is required field.

  • Category: It makes you organize the favorites convenient. iHome default it to the built-in category Favorite. This is required field.

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