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How to create a Favorite ID?

The Favorite ID is used by iHome to identify a favorite from other resources and favorites.

A Favorite ID should be unique in the scope of your all resources and favorites, i.e. when you create resource, iHome will scan all Resource IDs and Favorite IDs for duplication.

The requirements for the Favorite ID are listed here:

  1. Favorite ID must be 2 - 15 characters long;

  2. It is case insensitive, i.e. a is equal to A;

  3. Favorite ID must contain only:

    • The English letters a - z and A - Z;

    • The digits 0 - 9;

    All other characters will be rejected by the iHome service.

  4. No space is allowed in the begin, mid, or end of the Access ID,

Here are some examples:

  1. Favorite01 is same as favorite01 because the Favorite ID is case insensitive.

  2. 01favorite is a valid Resource ID.

Enter a Favorite ID in the field Favorite ID on New Favorite form. This is a required field.

After you clicked on Save button, if iHome finds duplication, the error message will be given in red color.

Click on a question in the column Related Questions for detailed information regarding the other fields on the favorite form.